Magento is become a very popular free store technology. It has been introduced for over a year now, as well as the current versions are very secure. We have been developing in magento 2 custom options commerce, and also using it for your retail for a year today too. We often get mentioned Magento Commerce and exactly why we recommend it as an excellent online store technology.

Magento has many fantastic features ‘out in the box’. Most store owners today want technology that is thorough and easy to use. Magento matches the bill. Great features are contained in the free community edition. We certainly have used all of these technologies inside our own installations, as well as consumer installations. Most features actually are good, and the ability to work multiple stores (with very same or different inventory) from database, with completely different ‘skins’ if you want, is fantastic.

The particular API is how computer programmers interface other applications together with Magento. Magento has a superior and extendable API letting it to be connected with many other software (both web applications along with standalone). For example , you can hook up Magento to a number of outside accounting systems, email checklist management tools, ERP devices and more. This gives Magento any geat deal of overall flexibility to grow with your business. It could be integrated tightly with other inventory/order/customer systems, and made to work easily.

Magento has been designed well from the outset. There is a clear variation between ‘core’ code in addition to community/3rd party code. This implies you can install other exts and modules without concern with impacting Magento upgrades at a later date or breaking how your internet site looks. This structure have been integral in allowing MagentoCommerce to grow as fast because it has around the world and is a fantastic reason to use Magento. Many individuals running older open source internet commerce software are upgrading to be able to Magento.