There are actually four varieties of app shops: platform, operator, independent along with manufacturer. This is a fragmented market place with each store featuring its own strengths and weaknesses depending on the users’ point of view and specific demands. This document aims to show the landscape of retailers and where they at present stand.

The 9apps Store rapid The first and, currently, almost all successful store. With around 300, 000 apps to the iPhone, iTouch and ipad device, it has had over 8 billion downloads so far. Most apps on this store tend to be vetted by Apple intended for suitability, adherence to design criteria and to keep the apps acceptable. Apple take 30% involving any income from the iphone app. Google Android Market – This kind of store currently boasts hundred, 000 apps with your five, 000+ being added regular. It is an unregulated store and so anything goes. This on the other hand means that as well as many fine apps, there are also a fair volume of badly designed dross. Yahoo take 30% of just about any income from the app.

Ovi Store – this is Nokia’s app store which has had three million downloads specifically for Htc phones. Although the jury remains to be out on their new array of smartphones, Nokia’s huge put in base of Symbian gadgets mean that they’re still some sort of force to be reckoned using. Watch this space. Blackberry-app World – Specifically for Bb devices, this store possesses around 16, 000 software and claims to have 20m phones in the market. No information concerning actual downloads but the products don’t make it easy.

Windows phone app Marketplace – Brand new retail store, currently has about a few, 000 apps. Microsoft are usually positioning Windows Phone 7 as a far more consumer-oriented platform so game titles are prominent. With Microsoft’s marketing might, expect this kind of to grow rapidly. Samsung App-store – App store specifically for Korean devices which use Android or maybe their own bada platforms. The shop has only 800 blog and it claims 14 , 000, 000 bada apps have been downloadable so far. Palm App Listing – Now owned by simply HP, this store just over 4, 000 applications specifically designed for the Palm Before. Palm Pre Plus in addition to Palm Pre 2 from the pipeline.

GetJar – This can be the second largest app store, soon after Apple, and is platform-agnostic. The idea claims it has over fityfive, 000 apps across the many major handset platforms as well as manages 50m downloads a month. Downloading some apps, for example the iPhone apps, is a bit difficult, and some just don’t job. It works for developers while there’s no fee or profits share, it doesn’t keep obtain data a secret plus its mobile Web friendly.