Emotions are without a doubt a very big part of our lives. Think about how many times we have pondered, explored, confirmed and revised what we felt. According to Parrot’s theory of emotions, the basic emotions are 6: love, anger, fear, joy, sadness and surprise.
These basic 6 emotions, in turn, give birth to secondary (such as affection, pride, anger, frustration, nervousness, etc.) and tertiary emotions (adoration, emotion, passion, hope, jealousy, depression, anxiety and much more). We humans, however, have confirmed that our emotions are infinite. It is these that determine our personal development and follow us throughout our lives. But how loud / true are we, in the end, what we feel? What defines an authentic feeling? How long can it last and for what is there forever?
If we think about it, emotion is energy that wants to move within our body, just as the English word emotion, that is energy and motion, energy in action. Everything we feel causes us tension, an inner action. But many times people get confused; we give a larger dimension than the real to a feeling. We cannot distinguish exactly what we feel and this leads us to erroneous conclusions and actions. We pass on the passion for love, the love for love and the love for friendship. Then the stress appears and makes things even more difficult. Once we realize that something is wrong with us, the thought begins to whether psychotherapy or the guidance of a life mentor would be some of the solutions to managing our emotions and relationships with people. In short, we are losing our inner path; this should not, however, disorient us anymore, because through the wrong paths we always find the right ones ψυχοθεραπευτης.
For a person to always be conscious of his emotions and to know 100% what is going on inside him, he must have worked very much with his inner world and have gone through many ordeals in order to gain this knowledge. We must not leave our inner world at its mercy. We have a duty to cultivate our self permanently – our mind, our heart, our spirit. This training will help us better understand what we are feeling. The better we know ourselves, the better we can determine what we feel about our fellow man. For some, it is incredibly difficult to find this permanent job with ourselves. The road to self-awareness and consciousness is certainly not easy. But through this effort we will make either on our own, or under the guidance of a life coach, psychologist or mental health counselor, we will gain valuable virtues and see a side of ourselves that will be incredibly positive.
A key criterion for the authenticity and power of an emotion is the time – the one that illuminates everything and gives true value to everything. Think about how many things we have been stressed about and even found to have panic attacks, and in the end time has proved how wrong we are about the pressure we put on our bodies. A feeling that remains unchanged over time is unquestionably true. Anything lost or faded over time means that it was ephemeral, without much force and influence within us. Human emotions? Infinity! They change, transform, grow, or shrink. But there is a feeling that can last forever – time matures, nourishes it, beautifies it, makes it eternal, and that feeling is only one: true love!