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Moon rocks aren’t exactly a kind of marijuana strain, but much more of a cannabis experiment. Typically, they’re are nuggets from the marijuana strain Girl Scout Cookies, drizzled with hash oil after which sprinkled with kief.

If you’ve ever endured an frozen treats cone drizzled with chocolate and engrossed in sprinkles, you already know precisely what Moon Rocks are only for. Actually, should you combine the intake of buy martian rocks online and frozen treats cones, I know it’s just wonderful.

Take A Visit To The Moon

A couple of celebrities have trademarked their very own Moon stuff, which some say would be the most powerful cannabis products available on the market. Kurupt, the American rapper and former Executive V . P . of Dying Row Records has “Kurupts Moonrock” which has a 51.2% THC rating. In small doses, this sort of uber Frankenstein cannabis product could be effective for discomfort reduction with a .15% CBD rating, it’s also ideal for treating anxiety, discomfort along with other health conditions. In large doses, well, you can just get delivered to the moon.

Board The Spaceship Here

To be able to possess the best experience consuming Moon Rocks, make use of a hash bowl or pipe and don’t break lower the bud inside a weed grinder, which can make you lose the kief. But, continue but be careful, this is the “caviar” from the cannabis products and also the most powerful type of cannabis available on the market. Remember, average weed strains has between 17% to 30% THC. Moon Rocks have nearly double that quantity of THC.

Should you can’t locate fairly easily Moon Rocks inside a recreational dispensary, you’ll be able to always talk to your favorite budtender about producing your personal. You need to question them concerning the the amount of all that you should buy and what sort of strain, hash oil and kief you have to help make your own space shipped to the moon. I’d also question them if this sounds like the kind of cannabis experience that needs to be completed in the comfort and security of your home or maybe you will be decent enough to visit in public. Just saying.

Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Cervantes is really a legendary weed grower, author, and speaker. He’s written a large number of articles and books, such as the canonical Cannabis Encyclopedia. Cervantes’ understanding reaches into both past and also the future, as he’s well-experienced both in a brief history of accelerating and cutting-edge contemporary techniques. Dedicated growers would prosper to follow along with his active Instagram, which shares advanced tips you will not find elsewhere. Also, he shares news of his exploits, information on different strains, tidbits of cannabis history, exciting new promotions plus much more. This really is one weed Instagram account you will not wish to miss, particularly if you’ve got an interest in growing.

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