Possessing traveled from state to state and every metropolis in the United States over 10, 000 population occasionally staying at engine home camp grounds it would appear that a few new ideas could be worthy of mention. Motor residence campgrounds generally consist of some sort of cement parking stall, which can be level and then hook highs for electricity, water, waste material and Cable TV if you thus need it. Often there is grass among stalls and sometimes grass involving the centers of the cement location you park on, possibly to add ambiance for joints with no motor homes stopped there and/or to save the expense of the concrete during design of the camp ground?

This all is very nice and makes sense still the closest areas on the motor homes themselves should always paved with Astroturf certainly not actual sod. There are many reasons behind this. Quite often there are localised weeds growing in the campy ground and the seeds coming from these weeds get caught inside the undercarriage of the Motorhome en Valencia or even a trailer they are towing. In the event the motor home is there to get a month the weeds get time to grow underneath and also close to the motorhomes guaranteeing that they’ll in fact get caught in the undercarriage.

In most states the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Forest Service is very careful to maintain a noxious bud program to prevent the exchange of local indigenous weeds to other places where those weeds might interfere with the local eco-system and cause a take-over or perhaps add new insects into the area. If campers include animals they move fleas as well to other areas. Many other insects too can hitch a journey. Properly maintained camp lands are important and the use of Astroturf which properly drains helps prevent freestanding water for Nasty flying bugs to breed and possible hinderance a ride after wards, as West Nile Malware seems to be killing more and more people annually.

Dried brush underneath a car can cause a fire hazard from your tail pipes and deceased grass growth under the camper is unsafe after the car departs. Additionally with the American States at a drought problems the water can be saved without having to sacrifice the ambiance. Also recognize that the older folks who push motorhomes have weakened immune system systems due to age and therefore are more susceptible to catching a new virus or disease. Maybe more camp grounds must look into these things to prevent the particular spread of noxious weeds, the breeding of mosquitoes and other and decreasing the fire threat risks? Think about it.