In case you have a website and want it to be able to rank well in the search engines, you need to know the way to check keyword competition. Very good keyword research is important for virtually any website, but we all know in which not just any keyword will continue to work since there is always competition. You must know google serp api get a reasonable search volume, and also the actual competition looks like. If there are usually millions of people competing for the same key word, it will be very hard to rank well, thus target the less aggressive keywords. Here are the basics showing how to check keyword competition:

Firstly you need to know approximately how many web sites are competing for that key phrase. Do an exact search online by searching for your search term in quotes “like this specific. ” Using quotes provides you with the number of sites that have this exact phrase in their web-sites, giving you a loose notion of the competition. Some people say to stick to keywords under 5, 000 quoted results but I am inclined to go a little higher in case it is a profitable keyword. Execute a regular search for the search phrase. You want to rank in the top results, right? Yes, now we will focus on looking at the most notable competitors, because the other final results don’t matter if you can’t conquer these websites.

You need to check for simple on-page SEO for the leading search results. Do they have that specific keyword in their URL including the title tags? Do they have typically the keyword used a few times through the content on the page? When they are not optimized well, utilizing your keyword effectively may be able to whip them. Check for backlinks. Bing SiteExplorer or other free of charge tools let you count the quantity of backlinks to that specific website. If the top results have got thousands of links, it may be challenging to beat them, but if they will only have a few links (less than 100) it should be fairly easy to get more links as compared to them.

Check for Google Pr. Download the Google PAGE RANK toolbar or use additional free tools to check often the PR of the top benefits. PR 1 sites are really easy to beat, but PR 7 sites will be near extremely hard to beat. No two different people do keyword research the same way, so use these kinds of factors and decide if your current keywords are worth your time and effort. If the competition looks hard, it may be worth the challenge if the keyword gets plenty of searches and will make you funds. But if the keyword is not that lucrative, move on to less competitive keywords and phrases that will make you money.