Through an exhibition you will see various sorts of display stands used for advertising and marketing. In this article I am going to write about a number of the options you have to choose from while looking to advertise at an display: These are free standing exhibits that are designed to hold a full sizing poster; the poster will be enclosed behind a clear plastic-type sheet and a snap structure system holds the cacher and Perspex in place.

Fortunately they are available double sided thus a poster can be viewed on either side (you could even display a different product or service on each side). They have additional optional features that can be included like A4 leaflet holders that clip to the shape allowing leaflets or publications to be stored for the community to take. These Poster display stands great exhibitions; they are large free of charge standing display boards that may be purchased in sizes up to 2 meters +. They may have the power to draw folks in; their size and quite often design really make them stick out.

From a design point of view they could be ordered in many different styles, one really stand out design and style is the wave shape show. The vertical edges are made to look like a wave and critically stand out. For these you can get specific printing companies to pic your graphics to specs, due to the size of the fabric you really have room to printer anything you like… you could also fit a whole advert around with text and images.