Presently of computer and internet most of the enterprise transactions are now carried on in electronic format over the internet. It includes inviting prices for bids through tenders, responding to these kinds of electronic tenders, winning the identical online, and completing the actual billing and payment functions online as well. Most interesting portion is that such transactions can be executed without the bidder and requestor without seeing each other literally.

Since the entire process of Licitacion electronica is automated, it gives great opportunities for the possible bidders to bid for that project without having to run coming from pillar to post. In fact; that shortens the procurement routine quite effectively and increases the work culture substantially. For that requesting agency it become much easier to find out the best deals considering that the evaluation process is method aided.

However one of the significant requirements for responding to along with winning the Electronic Tenders is digital signature in addition to certificate obtained by the prospective buyer. Either class 3A or perhaps 3B digital signatures bring responding to e-tenders. Similarly, the particular digital certificate works because the internet passport for the prospective buyer. Prospective bidders may not be anxious unnecessarily about these since they can be attained by registering with proper authorities within 8-10 several hours time.

Bidders need to be familiar with the legal requirements for bidding process on the international, national, and native tenders. For instance; a prospective buyer in India responding to typically the e-tenders has to abide by often the provisions laid down inside the IT Act of 2050. Digital certificate issued simply by Controller of Certifying Organization or CCA will only be regarded as as valid and identified by the court of law.